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link builder is an assistant specialist in SEO and webmasters. And we warn immediately: we expect a lot of work. This is an analysis of the competitor's niche, and the creation of the site structure, and the creation of content, and work with databases. A specialist cannot cope with such tasks alone, especially if there are tight deadlines for the completion of the project. Therefore, the link creator is an important person in the team of a webmaster and SEO specialist to achieve a common goal in promoting a well-done website in a search engine. By performing this mission, the link creator leaves time for the SEO specialist to perform more global tasks of analysis, adjustment and complementation of the SEO promotion.




The duties of a linkbilder include the following tasks:


Determine the most effective strategy for the promotion of external websites.

Search for relevant and thematic sites for link placement. After determining the external promotion strategy, the link creator proceeds to monitor the donor sites on the Internet for the necessary parameters and requirements. Care and diligence is required to identify truly valuable sites with a large amount of resources on the network.

Possibility of leaving a link. It seems that "spam" links on the Internet are easy and not difficult. However, for frank spam and poor quality comments with a link, it is possible to obtain a site ban from the search engine. For this reason, the link creator publishes articles and comments on third-party resources in the most natural way possible.

It is also necessary to make efforts to register in thematic forums, enter the confidence of the moderators and only then leave a link. The registration of resources and the creation of new mailboxes takes a long time, but you cannot do without it.

Communication with webmasters or owners of donor sites. Paid links or shareware require the ability to communicate with webmasters and the moderation of these resources. Linkbuilder's tasks include external optimization components such as: finding contacts of the webmasters of the resource, agreeing with the resources the conditions to place the link, controlling the creation of content for the link (text and / or image), monitoring the "life "of the link (observe all agreements).





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